Stream on Hyper-heuristics

the 22nd Conference on International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS 2020), June 21-26 2020, Seoul/Korea

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  • Session 1: Selection Hyper-heuristics (Submission Code: 3298ef0c)

  • Session 2: Generation Hyper-heuristics (Submission Code: e964da30)

Hyper-heuristics are problem-independent generic solvers which have been successfully applied to a wide range of combinatorial search problems both from academia and real-world, such as timetabling, scheduling, routing, rostering, cutting and packing. The studies on this field is mainly considered under two categories (Figure 1), namely Selection and Generation Hyper-heuristics. Selection Hyper-heuristics operate by automatically choosing (low-level) heuristics from an existing heuristic set while the latter type focuses on generating heuristics from scratch based on predefined components. These hyper-heuristics can have certain learning capabilities by incorporating Offline and Online learning. Offline refers to learning before a hyper-heuristic run, mostly in the form of un-/supervised learning. Online is about learning while a problem (~instance) is being solved, likely to be based on reinforcement learning. It is also possible to design hyper-heuristics without learning. Besides the learning aspect, the type of heuristics may differ as constructive and perturbative heuristics.

Hyper-heuristic Classification

Figure 1 - Hyper-heuristic Classification (Burke et. al (2010))

The aim of this stream is to gather researchers studying hyper-heuristics to share their research on all the aforementioned hyper-heuristic variations as well as the strategies developed to support hyper-heuristics.

This stream will be organized in connection with the Task Force on Hyper-heuristics within the Technical Committee of Intelligent Systems and Applications at the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and IEEE Task Force on Automated Algorithm Design, Configuration and Selection (AADCS).

Important Dates
Venue:  -  COEX, Seoul/Korea