Software Development Methods Exp (16302190)

Sunday @ 19:00-21:00, Classroom D3110 (7 -> 14 weeks: 16 hours)

Instructor: Mustafa MISIR (Office: 230 @ CCST Building), mmisir [at]

Object-oriented programming is known to be one of the key programming concept. This course aims at providing the abilities and techniques of Java programming as an object-oriented language.

  • 13/11: The course project is announced. Please check the bottom of the page
Grading: Lab Assignments: 50%, Project: 50%
Attendance: Please do not miss more than 2 classes

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Java: How to Program by Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel (9th Edition):


Tools/Softwares: Java Development Kit + Eclipse

Lecture Notes/Slides


The details of the course project are available here.