Modern Software Development Tech (1610311W)

Fall 2017-2018 (12 weeks, 48 hours)

Tuesday @ 08:00-09:45 (1->12 weeks: D1413), Thursday @ 10:15-12:00 (1->12 weeks: D1413)

Instructor: Mustafa MISIR (Office: 230 @ CCST Building), mmisir [at]

Although software development practice has advanced rapidly in recent years, common practice hasn't. Many programs are still buggy, late, and over budget, and many fail to satisfy the needs of their users. The Modern Software Development Technology course is about how to perform software development for delivering robust and resilient solutions which minimizes the occurrence of the aforementioned issues. This course aims at providing the theories and techniques of effective and maintainable software development by using modern technologies and concepts, focusing on software construction.

Grading: Quizes: 30%, Exam: 70%   ↣   Final Grade: (0.3 x Quiz) x (Attendance %) + (0.7 x Exam)
Attendance: Affects your quiz grades.

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Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by Steve McConnell (2nd Edition):

Other reference(s): Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville (9th Edition):

Lecture Notes/Slides


Sample questions for the exam are available here.